Pure Belligerence
2001-04-20 03:16:22 (UTC)

*Amy: townie in training? I sure hope not*

ok, iv been away for a few days because i cant take being
home anymore.... my moms in VA and im alone here with my
rude step dad.... so i went to my friends house. I went to
kmart with her today because she had a job interview.
Kmart is in town.... and i tease people i know who go to
town to hang out for being townies.... people who walk
aimlessly around town for fun. Anyways, this took forever
and i was looking in the makeup section for about 2 hours
and 45 minutes when she comes out and tells me its gonna
take a bit longer so i say ok, but i whine a bit because my
sandals were killing my feet. Right after she left these
dudes came over to talk to me, and after awhile i knew
what they were up to.... the losers were trying to pick me
up.... at kmart no less! And then me and my friend were
taking a walk and these people were beeping at us and
yelling out the windows of their cars... and i know why
too.... my friend has huge boobs and she draws a lot of
attention, i think its kind of funny but she gets so
embarrassed. But then when i got home i called a friend i
had seen and been worried about. He said he was just about
to od on yellow jackets but only had 4 pills left which
wouldnt have made for a very good od but hey.... So i
talked to him for a long time about whats been bothering
him.... he said he feels like im his only true friend and
the only one who doesnt talk about him behind his back,
which is true.... but i guess im the one who started his
whole suicidal thing because i told him some things people
were saying because i hated the fact that people who were
mean to him pretended to be his friends and he had no
idea. So he calls me up and tells me this and right before
i let him go i make him promise to call me if he starts
feeling like that again. Im not sure if i should do
anything about this because i dont know if he was serious
or looking for pity from me.... awful as it sounds i think
he needs to get attention in a negative way because nobody
else gives it to him but i dunno. Right now i feel like
puking and crying, i dont know which one i'll do first.
But tomorrow im going to my grandmas house.... which is
always fun, we go to the mall and get our hair and nails
done and she always buys me nice clothes so fun fun for