2002-01-25 18:57:22 (UTC)

Lazy Bastards

okay, so no one has written me about my mother's
miraculous abilities. Fine, and you know what? Screw all of
you!! Yeah you! The innocent prolific reader. *shrug* I
guess certain people can't handle such touchy feely topics
dealing with "mind reading" and the "undead" I mean, hasn't
everyone already seen the Sixth Sense? Didn't that get rave
reviews? So what's a measley two seconds of your precious
typing time to give me feedback on dear ol' mom's esp??

So I went on to look up other pshycis. Other "famous"
mediums. Julia Browne was one that stuck out the most.I
read some of her novel on They have this thing
were you can read 3 free pages of her work. Can you believe
from 3 frickin pages I was floored??? I mean, this women's
incredible!! She could see visual pshychic images at 5! I
would be scared shitless if I saw ghosts at 5. Anywho. Im
in school right now and I am too busy to write anymore. Oh
well goodbye.