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2002-01-25 18:51:55 (UTC)

school is school..

i'm here at school fun huh??....nope not at all..
i'm just a little tad bit bored..oh well..nothing exciting
is happening today..i was supposed to go with my friend to
the movies but i can't because i don't have money..i hate
it when it comes down to mum said she would give
me it but i told her that i didn't want it..umm..

i forgot my tie it sucks..but so did my other
friends..i'm glad that they didn't wear them or else i
would feel bad for not wearing's kind of sad that
i didn't wear it though..because it made me feel better
about myself when i did..oh well..

i woke up late to school too late today..but i
didn't get in trouble so that's good..bad news though..i
didn't make wind ensamble for our my band
instructor put me on first chair first clarinet..i'm so
affraid of letting my section down because i'm not all that
great..they made me section leader which means that i'm the
head of all the clarinets..i don't know if i can deal with
that..i went up to the assistant band instructor and asked
her if she was going to keep me on first clarinet
premanantly and she said probably not..and she told me that
she was going to rearange all of us..and then i thought
about one in my section is better than me..we all
suck but i don't suck as it dawned on me that the
assistant instructor is full of shit because she can't put
me back on second clarinet because no one else can play the
music any haha..but then again it leaves me with
a really big scares me..i have to
practice..a lot..

right before this class i saw the fro boy that i took
pictures of at winter formal..i was about to pull out my
camera and ask him to if i could take a better one of him
but i didn't..i whimped out because of where he was
standing..he was standing near a lot of popular girls who
don't like me..he wasn't talking to them or anything..he
wasn't talking to anyone really..but i couldn't do it..
maybe next time

lion king is tomorrow..i was supposed to help jeremy with
his presentation for photo..hopefully we'll have time..i
have to go to a memorial for my cousins grandpa..he died a
long time ago like a day after my aunt passed away and no
one told them they're gonna have a memorial..
i'm not so sure i want to go but my mum is going to make's in the morning and it's not that i guess
it'll be alright..

i had a dream last was weird..a few people i know
were in it..and then nameless people i've seen before..i
don't remember if kat was in it..but norby was in it and so
was jeremy..and then a bunch of people from school were in
it..people i don't know..and my cousin..everything was
mixed into it..nothing that even really linked
like i was weird..interesting but weird..

i don't want to write anymore..i think i'm done anyway..