This is the beloved air I breathe
2002-01-25 18:48:07 (UTC)

this new and wonderful feeling

If you have read my last two journals, you'll have figured
out that one of my big things is that I'm all about love.
I want to open up my heart to others and show them love.
Not for any reason in particular, not because I like them,
or dislike them or because they deserve it, but just
because. When I meet a person I have a chance to be able
make their day. Can I do it? Just the way I smile at a
person while I'm walking to classes....could that be enough
to give someone just a little more encouragement than they
had before.

I had a wonderful experience last night. "He" called
There is this person that I have been getting to know over
the course of the past semester. I have been getting to
know him better and better, and the more I get to know him
the more I want to get to know him. I want to spend time
with him, joke with him and learn how he feels about
everything etc....I didn?t' even really realize to the
extent of how much I cared about him until I went home for
Christmas break and I couldn't see him for a month.
Well, things are moving slowly, but that's wonderful. Have
you ever heard the expression "some things are worth
waiting for"?. It's true, and that's the way I feel
well, anyway, he called last night and I was so ecstatic.
You would probably laugh if you head the conversation,
because, lol, for the first time in my life, I was at a
loss for words. we had a quite short conversation, cause
we both had early mornings, and stuff, but i I'm just so
The second my room-mates alarm clock went off, I was
like "guess what he called...." she was like
"huh? ....."
my poor room mate. :) so, there is a new feeling that I
have been experiencing. It's like this thrill within my
soul. I'm happy to be alive, life is beautiful and
wonderful. I thought that I have been in love before, but
It totally was not love that I had. I had a greedy, self-
seeking, lust filled relationship. This, what I have now
pure and lovely. You guys wanna hear something
outrageous? I'm not going to have sex until I'm married.
(I hear the gasps already) wanna hear something even more
far out there? I'm considering saving my first kiss with
the next guy I date until my wedding day as well..
Now, there is so much more to the story that I want to
share with you all, but I must be heading off to class now.
I just pray that you will be encouraged by my entries.
There is love in life, and there are people who are not out
to take all they can get.

Have a wonderful day!