The lost little girl
2002-01-25 18:45:15 (UTC)

Am i a juliet? then where's my romeo?

I gotta let this out:

There is a guy in my life. I won't bring up his name because
those who read this will know who i mean ( hint: it's not
aaron :)!)...We were together for a bit and then we split
(omg that rhymed..lol)...i had the chance to have him back,
but i am a dumbass and didn't go for it. so instead i broke
his heart and in turn, broke my own. He knows how i
feel,but i have come to find out, i mean nothing to him
anymore. It's pretty much like, " oh..you mean a train just
ran me over..ohhh that is what that horrible blow to the head was!"
I've been having this dream lately where everything is as it
should be. He is there, holding me, looking at me with his
eyes. He smiles like only he can. All that is going on
around us starts spinning and begins to blur. Love is light,
that's all that matters now. He touches my face, pushes that
one piece of hair out of my eyes, and he tells me he loves
me. Not because i'm beautiful, or because i'm
"that girl" ...it's because i am me!
Sometimes i wake up crying, and i just can't stop.i want to
just open my eyes and turn over and see him laying there.
Next to me asleep he does not move. His breathing slowing
moving the covers. Silence. then i realize i'm still
dreaming. I turn over and there is nothing there but a giant
Eeyore pillow looking back at me with his Manic Depressive
eyes. Then all day i have to go through this pain, the
thought of never being with him again. Never touching his
face. Never running my hands in his. CRYING!...
This is me,...being me....wanting him...

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