Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
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2002-01-25 18:14:41 (UTC)


There are moments when i see the light before me
Hope fills my heart and i know i can move on
The next day brighter than the day before
And my soul shall ache no more

There are moments when the days are dark
Hope turns to dread at the thought of days ahead
I dont want to move on, dont want to be strong
I dont want to pretend its all okay

Why cant one day be the same as the next?
Why cant I get all these burdens off my chest?
Where can I find the strength to survive
To live fully all the days of my life?

I guess its not as easy as it seems
And Ill just have to hold to my dreams
Though today is full of sorrow
I have to keep hope in that day called ‘tomorrow’

there is but one day that lives forever on, tomorrow,
the thought, the day that's never gone,
a time in space without a place,
and a time that's forever unknown,
what happens now, will it happen again?
i don't know, but till the end,
i know one thing and that's just fine,
i'll be here for the rest of my time,
cause i'm too strong to let the currents pull me under,
i'll flunder, but never fall,
cuase i'm agianst it all,
release, feel the heat, that i come with,
look around at those you run with,
in this world, of lies greed,
there's only one thing that you need.

Thats me and huggles for ya. Love yaz huggles :)

Matt, angel, i love you sooo much, and you too marie. :)

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