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2001-04-20 02:29:27 (UTC)


Hey Every1!
Sorry I haven't written in a while...I've been busy w/
fastpitch becuz I'm on 2 teams. Anywayz alots happended
since i've last written. Well today Nicole got her
surgery...she tore a ligament. Shes doing ok but she can't
play sports for 4 months which sucks becuz shes on my
softball teams.
Carrie dumped Greg and now hes telling everyone she gave
him a bj and i think it might be true but she denys it. But
now shes going out w/ dan...she has another bf every week.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Iowa for the weekend. I'm going to
sit by Jeff on the bus...(oooooohhhhlaaallaaa) hehe. I
think i'm seriosly obsessed w/ him! its sick. I don't think I've
crushed on a guy this much ever.Which is sad. This chick Katie likes
him 2...shes in 10th grade. I don't like her very much...shes always
hanging on him and she WAY too nice...its sick. I mean she has like
no anger in her. She is like a total optomist. its kinda corney

Well, I might w/b tomorrow but if i don't i'll w/b for sure on Sun.
to tell u all about my weekend!! hehe.

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