out of reach
2002-01-25 17:30:49 (UTC)

i got me

i suck at this whole life thing. u'd think after almsot 18
years i'd get the hang of it. but no. i just suck at

i've been feeling really depressed and shitty lately. and
my friends don't help one bit. i confronted allison the
other day about how we haven't hung out in like a month and
she turned it around on me saying its my fault, its only
because i'm lonely and i shouldn't blame her because i
don't have a boyfriend. bonus points to allison for making
a lonely person feel even more worthless. she wrote in her
journal that i'm mad because i think she's sex obsessed. i
never said that though. i think its gross to hear about
most of the stuff but what she does in her own time is her
business. the simple fact of the matter is i'm feeling
very left out and excluded from her, erin and jenn. and i
especially feel that allison just doesn't care about me

i wonder if i'll ever be able to rely on somebody.