2002-01-25 17:13:49 (UTC)

Spending second weekend with [email protected]:06 AM CST

Dear Diary:

I am spending this weekend with NaughtyHoney-Bear.
Hurray! Last weekend he was NaughtyHB, and he knew he hurt me big time.

He was so cranky and edgy. He needs to go with his heart rather than using his head. His heart will never lead him astray and We could make history together.

He knows we belong together. I know we belong together.

Steve is on my shit list. He leans towards bisexual
homosexual sex, rather than hetrosexual tendencies.
He is ecentoric to say the least. He is not romantic, passion, like my NaughtyHoney-Bear.

He can not eat pussy like Frank, Rudy, and Naughty HoneyBear. Shit, even my last two husbands were good at that. I mean if I were to rank my first
ex and Steve, my first ex would rank a 0 and Steve
would rank a 1. The best is a 10, in which Rudy,
NaughtyHB and Frank receive. My last two husbands would rank a 9 and the rest of my boyfriends about
a 7 or 8.

Hmm, wait, Bill Blankenship would rank a 0 as well.

Oh well, nothing lost here. Can not win them all.
He was a good kisser but not a passionate kisser.
He wanted me to cast one of my wicca love spells
on him, no could do.

I want them to love me naturally over a space of time.

Take care and have a good weekend.

Love AmericanIrishRose
-Karissa Anne-

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