emo kween

i hug pillows
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2002-01-25 16:57:25 (UTC)

no sleep again

hahahahaha. yes nicole- i miss scott. hahaha.

ok im done with that now. : ]

im talkin to adam right now. actually...i talked to him
from 11 to 3ish....i guess we have alot to talk about. haha.

wow, that guy who is like obsessed with bellotti is a
freakin MORON. hes so .....blah. shes prolly gonna kill me
for saying this but i mean...it seems like the only reason
she was friends with him was to use him to get to joey and
she liked the attention he gave her...and its like the guys
she likes dont like her...and now that a guy likes her and
is way sweet to her..she doesnt like him. ?? haha sounds
like me. or the old me. or new me. or just.....ok.

im so happy theres no school today!!

im watchin spongebob squarepants right now.... hahaha.

oh yea, chloe is DDUUMMMBBBB. [shes right here..thats why i
wrote that hahaha]

this is what my horoscope said for today:

Are you being too hard on your sweetie? You may be, even
though you don't realize it. Try to lighten up a bit and
see how they respond. You'll probably see a change in their

hahaha. so weird?

i wonder what mike and nicole did last nite. i hope they
get things worked out. but mike is my date for junior
prom..haha. jk.

i hafta burn 2 cds for mike too.

yea. adam so wants me. hahahaha.

welp im gonna go get more coffee.....