Magic of Mascara
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2002-01-25 16:33:28 (UTC)

Stale Blackmans Dank

I wrote this a few nights ago, but who the hell cares...

Ok, so let me just tell you about this amazing shit I
smoked last night. OMG! I was numb. I couldn't feel my
face. I felt like I wasn't in my body and I could just rip
my skin right off. It was amazing. I felt like I was asleep
and everything around me was a dream. It really bugged me
out cause I was driving. The only time I didn't think I
could drive was over the bridge. Great place to feel that
way huh. Then Bradley turns and tells me he laced it with
Ridilin. Yeah real fuckin cool. I was fucked up til I went
to sleep. It was great and I loved it but I was buggin out
in the car. Kerri and Dom kept trying to get me scared
about cops I think, and it was pissing me off more then
anything in the world, cause I wasn't drunk. Just stoned
out of my mind.

Bradley was there. I hooked up with him at Mardi Gras and
it was amazing. I went out with him in middle school, but
we didn't do much more then hold hands. Everytime I see him
though, he's not with Tina. Like they broke up a few days
before I see him or something, I dunno. I'm only partially
attracted to him, but he seems like a perfect boyfriend for
me, only on the outside though cause hes a kid in his mind.
He's tall, my build, I guess builds the right word. I would
have hooked up with him last night but he's the type of
person that will say shit, even if its a lie, if he doesn't
wanna look stupid. Like last night at Wawa, I would have
hooked up with him but he was like I knew you didn't want
to so that why I made them let us in the car. I don't know,
maybe he didn't want to. I'm ugly, who the hell would want

I need money, quickly. I wanna get a hotel room and drink
and sleep there. That'd be cool. No drugs just beer. Get
fucked up off beer and sleep there, watching porn all
night. I sound like a 30 year old man. Ewww...

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