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2002-01-25 14:55:34 (UTC)


Guess where I was last night?? I know, I know you think I
was at the Wayside but I wasn't, are you surprised??? I
bet you are!! Well I went to see Coach Boone, the real guy
from Remember the Titans, he was our big MLK day speaker.
He was okay but not as good as I thought he would be. Kind
of like when you are all excited to see this movie, because
you just know it will be great. THen when you get out you
think, "ehh, it was okay". Kind of annoying if you ask
me. Then Trout hall and Barnes hall went ice skating, well
not the whole halls but lots of people. We had the whole
place to ourselves it was kind of neat! Ashley, Janet,
Elizabeth, Meggan, Holli, Heidi, Carolyn, Joy, Emily, well
those are just the ones I know the best. There were more I
could keep going if you like, but I doubt anyone really
cares, hehe:) I got kind of sick of it after an hour. In
the begining I kind of well cracked my head on the ice, not
cracked open it just bounced off the ice:) In the process
of this I pulled my groin muscle it didn't feel the
greatest to skate after that. Anyhow after that we came
home and started watching Save the Last Dance but Ash and I
fell asleep and just stayed in the middle room all night.
Sily girl even slept on the floor and was comfortable,
hehe. That's pretty much it!