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2002-01-25 13:55:11 (UTC)

Day 4 ( police motor bike day )

Our puppy, Sammie crying in her cage that we keep in the
kitchen woke me up at 4 o'clock this a.m. I put her in bed
with me and got about a hour sleep. I got up to take a
shower and told Michael the dog is in the bed so he does'nt
roll over her. The damm dog pissed in my bed, YIKES! Sammie
will be 10 weeks old tomorrow. I was going to go back to
bed after showering, instead i made coffee, fed the
animals, yes we have a cat. A five month old male cat, his
name is Butterscotch. Michael's alarm went off. He got up to
take his shower. As i sit here and listen to the weather.
They are calling for a beautiful indian summer like weather
here the next few days. Today in the 50"s, the week-end in
60"s. Perfect days for Colton to ride his motor bike! Yes,
i love this weather like this in our last week of
January.It is 7:54 i guess i will lay around and play
slingo on the pc and wait for Colton to wake up.
11:40 p.m. both boys are asleep. Michael fell asleep on the couch
shortly after the ten o'clock news. Colton brushed his teeth and i
told him to hurry up and get in mom's bed and we let Michael sleep
out on the couch all by himself, with a chuckle. I laid in my bed
with Colton talking and goofing around and he fell asleep within
minutes. I just picked him up and put him in his bed for the night
and to the Journal, here i am.
I did end up going back to bed this a.m. til about 9:30 a.m. waking
Colton up too."Guess what Colton!" i said. We need to get up, mom
make breakfast, get dressed so we can go get your police bike.For
breakfast i made Colton 1 sausage, 1 over easy egg, and a slice of
toast. He ate most of his breakfast, got dressed and all ready to go!
We drove daddy's car it has a bigger trunk to put his assemble bike
in it. We went to K-mart furst looking for snow boots for c-man. I
had a feeling i could get them cheaper at the payless shoe store
joing K-mart. Kool! I bought Colton a nice warm pair of snowboots on
sale for 9.99 and bought me a pair of shoes.
A beautiful day today, it got up to 54 and saturday it is suppose to
get in high 60's, Sunday low 70's and 60's again Monday. What great
weather, i just love it! I told Colton he has 3 nice days to be out
riding his police bike and doing outdoor things. By God thats where
we are going to be..........OUTSIDE!
I bought a extra battery for his bike. The guy was finishing up
putting stickers on the bike. We got home about 2p.m., both of us
anxios to ride it and watch.Colton drove his bike up to Michaels bus
stop with me. Shortly after that i got my bike out and rode along
side him. His bike goes fast, It has a slow speed of 2 n half mph and
a booster button to go 5mph. He just loves riding his bike. He drove
it all the way down a one way street to Tracy's house with me on my
bike next to him. I had him stop at each stop sign before proceeding
on. He done real good. We visited with Tracy and Carol for about a
hour and Michael showed up. Back home Michael wanted to go eat at
McDonalds cause he had 3 coupons for hamburger and fries so we went
there to eat. There was a old man who appeared to be homless sitting
at a table. Something came over me to do a good deed. I threw our
trash away at a garbage vent that was next to him. I tossed a 5
dollar bill on his table and quietly walked awat. I felt
good........something was calling out for me to do that and i did!
Again back home after 8 p.m. the boys played in their rooms a bit and
i relaxed on the couch, tired just want to call it quits for the
night. Almost forgot, Karin Michael's godmother from Germany called
us before we went to eat. Must of talked to her at leasr 35 minut.
She is anxious to see Mike when he gets there inFebrary.Both boys
seem to be ok today. I notice Michael was on the quite side tonight.
He knows he can talk to me anytime. Colton didnt seem to be as sad
today. He did mention a few times that he missed daddy.
It is 12:28 a.m. feeling tired. The house is locked up, quite, the
boys sleeping , as for me another day gone. I will end this with
great thoughts , love, hugs, and kisses for my husband Mike who is
away. Good night dear, I LOVE YOU TOO!