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2002-01-25 13:33:34 (UTC)

Day 3 ( keeping busy )

I;m writing again a day behind. By the time evening gets
here i'm too tired to write about our day. i'm writing for
yesterday, Thursday. I heard Michael get up for school and
into the shower as i laid in bed anticipating when to get
up. Michael our oldest son,12 will be 13 March and in the
seventh grade. Our youngest son, Colton age 5 is still
asleep in his bed.Michael left the house 7:16 to walk 2
blocks to his bus stop. My brother Randy who lives in
Peoria, Illinoi also has a pc and we chat at least 4 times
a week in Instant Message. We chatted at least a hour this
a.m. as i waited for Colton to wake up. My brother is 11
months older than me. Colton and i went to my bank to take
out 600.00 and to Toysrus to pay for his 249.00 Harley
Davidson motor bike and also got Michael a game( NFL
Quaterback Club 2002) for his playstation 2. The night
before when me and the boys were at Toysrus the man said we
would be able to get it the following day to take home.
well that was'nt the case today. Both Colton and I got
excited to take his bike home today. It is being assembled
and the battery fully charged at the store. Both of us were
sadden. I told Colton, we have to wait til tomorrow to come
back and get it. From there we went to Walmart to do some
shopping. I checked about getting a cell phone while i was
there. They wanted 300.00 for deposit but the guy would'nt
tell me why, something to do about credit but still would
not disclose that information. We got us each a hamburger
and french fries to eat on the way back home.Michael gets
home from school at 3:10 and we got home at 3:15 so that
was good timing even thou he had key to get in. He did'nt
see us home and right away he thought colton was out riding
his new bike. Michael like his game i got him. I got that
game for 29.99 rather the other football he wanted for
49.99 for his birthday. Michael played outside in the
neigborhood while Colton and I played softball in the front
yard. I was finally able to find whoffle balls for his big
red plastic bat without having to buy the bat too. Michael
ask to go to a talent show tonight at school. He had bought
one ticket from another student before leaving school. He
said he owed the girl the dollar back for ticket. I asked
him why he didnt get me and his brother a ticket. His
reasons were not satisfactory and i told him that he was
only thinking about himself and not us. for that i told him
he wasnt going to go. Well, mom and a soft heart told him
when it was 6 p.m. and the show started at 6:30 he eats his
supper, does his few dishes i would take him. He would be
late but hes going. For that 2 hours waiting to pick
Michael up at 9 i catnap on the couch while Colton played
in his room. We went to bed shortly after we got back from
picking up michael about 10ish. The three of us fell asleep
in moms bed while watching Soccer Dog.