stella's steamy paperback novel
2002-01-25 13:19:29 (UTC)

ultimate girl night!

wow last night was the bomb!!! i had such a girly night,
Molly Ringwall (sp?) would have been so proud!

I gave myself a colloidal oatmeal foot bath and a
pedicure. then i put my hair in curlers and gave myself a
facial. so i was prancing around the house in shorts,
plastic bags on my feet and rainbow caterpiller slippers,
a navy hoody, curlers, and green goo on my face! the only
thing was i was listening to the beastie boys... i
probably should have been listening to like... Carol KIng
or something but i was like, well that is where i draw the
line. i can be feminine in other ways. i can't be that
girly, i'll make myself sick.

oh my, i think i must be the most boyish girl i know. oh

so today promises to be a fun day! bra shopping with my
girlies!! and movies, and junk food and talking about
boys! (actually... no talking about boys... i just thought
i'd add that because i'm on this whole "girly girl" thing.
hahahhh i crack myself up!)

you what is kind of silly? "shout outs". especially when
they are written out or typed. its like "yeah.. i'm
shouting, really. in fact probably as you are reading this
i am shouting out your name."


well, i'm off. just a little shout out to
shewy, "helloooo" (you understand....)

(hahaha shout outs.. haah)

bye bye

have a nice day

"if i cut holes in my socks
then will i go to heaven?" -Stella Magalios

love stella