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2002-01-25 11:49:39 (UTC)

Im doing better!

Two weeks ago I read that sun/light can make A persons to B
persons , and the other way around.
I allready knew that it can cure depression, especially
winter depression.
So last Monday I started to go to a sun studio.
I was there one day last week and two times this week.
It has made me feel better, at leasdt for a while. Even
thought I know its not the same light that doctors use to
cure winter depression.
Im afraid to get cancer of it, so Im not there for a long
time, and Im not gonna to it verry ofthen. But at least I
feel better:-)

Tomorrow its time to start working agen.
Hopfully Stian will be surfing at the internet keeping me
with company.
I`m starting to get paranid now, thinking that he never
will talk to me.
This night I had a silly dream that I left him a message
and then he sent me one also, a stupid one to my computer
and I got verry said. I t feelt so real that I was said
even when I woke up, strange...

Matt is sending me like a million messagen a day, he say`s
that he want to see me, he`s in love with me and miss me
Why am I so stupid.
He`s so nice ans sweet to me, and I dont feel anything for
him. All I ever care about is this one boy who make`s me
feel miserable even in my dreams.
Hehe, I need help I think.
Me and T`Mark used to talk about stuff like this, but now
he got a grilfriend and dont have time to anything else.
Two day`s ago they told me that they where getting marrid
one year and four mounths from now, yeah right.
I know her pretty well, he dont give her time to berath,
she`s gonna dump him agen and then he will be coming to me
expecting me to put him together agen.
And I probobly will, cause Im a good friend.
I know he`s woring about me alot, but why cant he just let
his pour gril grow in her own speen and do something else?
Now I`ve propobly have made her sound like a baby, dont ver
say anything agenst him, thats not true. She always get
things her way, but I dont think she loves him, at lest not
enught to marrid him. And she know`s that.
Well, maybe I shoul go and talk to her instead of
complaining over it in my diary.


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