jalal's online diary
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2002-01-25 11:45:11 (UTC)

day 2 bangkok

hey guys, yesterday wen i went off we looked around the
markets near our hotel. i got a nice oakley bag (fake of
course) but it looks like the real thing, i bet it is.... anyone
wanna buy a LOLEX watch? or bout a BLEITLEENG one?

i went to see some temples and man they r cool (qul ya
ayuhal kafeeroon......)

dont worry i took a lot of pix.... np wel i have nothing to say..

ok lets see
i went to this restaurant/fish markert. u choose the fish u
wanna eat and they cook it the way u want it .. that was so

umm the driver we hired i dunno his name but hes koool, i
went to this place called SILOM village, its like one of those
old country towns, and its exactly like old thailand but fr
tourists. well my time is up
so ill see u later all ok? bye!@

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