Wolf Crow
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2002-01-25 07:42:22 (UTC)

All of your lives suck..

Man I haven't posted in my diary in a long time and I just
read a few other posts.... Crying about this and that or
how thier lives suck soo much ass. Anyone have an
interesting diary that doesn't whine about how you hate
your life? PLEASE let me know. If everyone hates your
lives soo much kill yourself and get it over with already
your wasteing space its not that hard to take 10-15
sleeping pills and goto sleep or mix Bleach and Ammonia
then inhail (Warning this WILL kill you for sure if you
sniff ANY of the vapor that comes off it withing 5mins no
turning back.) Well not alot to report just working at the
same store and doing the same stuff went to Texas to visit
my family.... BORING never goto Texas...EVER... Nothing
but cow crap and cute guys not that the cute guys wasn't
bad just nothing to do down there.

Hmm, gotta visit my friend tomarrow for his birthday got
him a card with a donkey on the front and on the inside it
says "For your birthday I got you a cute little ass."
Haha. Well its 3am time to sleep. Have a nice night/day
what ever..