~*~*~*~Are you afraid of the truth~*~*~*
2002-01-25 07:02:47 (UTC)

oh lord he wants head...big suprise

Oh lord MATT signed on...i wonder if he'll IM
me..hmmwhoa..just god can tellthis convo. will be
very dull! I hate the ones that start with "WHAT UP" wait
most tonight i was flirting hard core wit
these to fine as guys...they started it..i finished it and
tomorrow i get the i forgot to get lord the 30 whatever guy at work today was
ike do u work everyday?? his name is grr see i
told u this convo was going NO WHERE he still hasn't IMed
me back...let me check the tme 1
min. haha...5mins...*yawn*...hmm now i remember he was
always this boring. GOOOOOODDDDDD grrr...All he wants is
head he needs to get a LIFE damn! I'm nt giving u head
asshole get the fuking picture damn...grr n e way..thats so
sad that he actually thinks that i am gong to give him
head! luv ya lng