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2002-01-25 07:00:27 (UTC)

i went to the waffle house..

i went to the waffle house tonight.
i met another cop. or should i say was offically
introducted to one.
whats up with me and police offices.
he argued with me for a long time and finally left.
and i was happy for that.
he made me really mad
he taught at my school for at least my freshman year im sure
it was just weird.
hes a complete asshole.
with a major superiority complex.
he made a lot of assumptions about me tonight.
the majority of which were WRONG. totally.
and that made me happy.
i had a good time with shawn though
ive been having a lot of good times with him recently.
we hang out pretty much everyday
hes a great guy. i like him a lot.
we bought a shamrock for muscular dystrophy
and i made it pretty.
we played cards.
hes getting better at gin.
and thats cool cuz its my favorite game ever
its the only one we really play =)
brittany is talking to me.
shes dumb.
how many times do i have to tell people that i dont go to
clubs and i dont WANT to go to clubs
emily hung out with christin and shes staying the night
there again tonight.
i hope that she had/is having a good time.
i need an oil change.
i dont work tomorrow and thats weird i usually work on
friday nights
but its also cool
although i DO work on sunday which is our anniversary
six months.
yeah, were definetly into big numbers now.
but 3 was a big number for me too.
i talked to sandra for a really long time tonight.
she finally got upset about the whole thing.
and that makes me happy
she apologized for a lot tonight though
things she really didnt need to apologize for.
she asked me tonight if she broke my heart.
and of course, i said yes.
and you know right after we broke up
i was a total bitch to her.
hardfuckingfuckingfuckingcore bitch
i wanted her to feel the way i did.
i wanted her to hurt.
and it pissed me off that she didnt.
i know now, that i was wrong.
i was wrong about a lot of things.
but, talking to her tonight.
it really made me feel bad for wanting her to hurt so much.
because, she is now. a lot. a whole lot.
just like i was a year ago.
and, i really wish that she wasnt.
i dont want her to go through what i had to
i dont want her to hurt. i want her to be happy.
and im sorry that i ever did.
im supposed to see adrienne tomorrow.
which is good, i miss her.
robin wanted to hang out tonight but i said no
i was being lazy which is to be expected after just having
worked and gone to school all day
so im supposed to see her tomorrow too
shes a great girl.
emilys going to be in orlando tomorrow for a concert.
but i doubt that ill be seeing her.
i could go to the concert too
but, its her thing.
with her friends. and she needs time without me.
she has sats the next morning though..
im not happy that she didnt study
but im not her mother
and im not going to pretend that i am
shes a big girl, who knows what she wants to do
and she makes her own choices concerning her life.
im glad shes feeling better.
she was all sick and thats sad.
anyway i have class in the morning and its about two so i
should probably sleep

i should be tired man i woke up so early.