The Shadow of Myself
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2002-01-25 06:30:06 (UTC)

I'm just a girl..

I can't wait.. so I'm not. I didn't think that I wanted to
move on.. but I have to.. and now I'm ok with that. I know
there is something better out there.. who knows when I'll
find it.. but hopefully I will find it.

It seems are differences are too different and neither of
us want to change. I'm giving too much and not getting
enough back. Your road is going one way.. and mine
another. I want things you don't.. and what you need I
can't give to you. What I have is not enough.. and what
you give can't help. There are too many times what you say
has the ability to crush me.. and I'm to the point that I
can't be crushed any further. You don't mean to do that
but you do. I recently realized that you know how to mess
with me. So maybe it's kinda a sub-conscious thing... but
whatever it is.. it really works. I have to not let that
happen. It's really not fair that you can do that to me..
and then you just "don't care what anyone else thinks." I
guess b/c you don't care.. you don't understand how much
someone else can care about it.. maybe? I don't know.

Yeah.. so.. I'm trying my very very very hardest to move
on. I think it's gonna work.. I think I'll be ok.

I hope that things work out how you want them to.. and I
hope I can still be a good friend to you. Anyway.. I'm
tired.. and I'm really bitter/frustrated/emotional for no
reason whatsoever.. I'm gonna go to bed.. this is stupid..

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