My Life
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2002-01-25 06:03:30 (UTC)

Someday this would happen...but just not now.

I swear. whenever it snows something always happens that is
bad. it never fails. time after time everything goes bad.
thats because i live in this god-awful place that
ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CUTE lives in. but alas....i found
someone....that loves me to death...but i don't like him
that much. i feel so bad. and i don't know what to do. i
mean...i should like him for all the is the sweetest person
and he would never ever hurt me and he has been so nice to
me since today has been a nightmare. wanna hear? oh yes you
My dad comes home yesterday because he doesn't feel
well and he has a migrane...which if you never have had one
OH MY GOD THEY ARE LIKE DEATH! anyways. so he can't take me
driving of course. so thats great...hes gone for the day the next day he seems better...turns out that
he isn't and he has been home all day suffering from the
migrane that has been haunting him forever. so he actually
goes to the doctor. the doctor gives him a bunch of meds.
and he goes off and takes 2 imitrex..(Ive had migranes
before usually they are too strong that i have to take one
and throw it up take one throw it up to make it work)keep
in mind he took 2 of these. that probably also contribuited
to what will happen next. So i go off to the wrestling
match at school right. i call home ask for taylor's number
and everything is fine. i have the cell phone with me and
everything is dandy right. so its about 830 now. Taylor
gets a call and on the caller ID it says....its
all oh shit im in trouble why are they calling him?? and it
was my sister telling me that my mom just took my dad to
the emergency room cuz his migranes wern't going away. that
scared the shit outta me and she said i needed to be home.
so taylor walks me home is very sweet and he says he will
stay with me. i would of loved that but no...i needed to be
alone. then julie called me and was like "OH MY GOD ARE YOU
SURE???!" and stuff like that. so here i am noe. 1103..i
could sleep so easily. i barely got sleep this whole week
and now.. how the hell am i gonna sleep. i would like to.
but i can't im not gonna be able to. my head is going
through so much right now and im not sure if hes okay or
not. i can't wait i hope hes okay i don't know what ill do
if hes not okay. ill cry forever. its not fair. i want my
dad to walk me down the asile on my wedding day. :(

i hope to feel better next time i write