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2002-01-25 05:50:20 (UTC)

Work,sexual stuff,and my week i guess

Okay lesse I haven't been writing lately. I have been
working at a free fall bungie type of thing....n e
way..Work is cool.I work with AWESOME people like i'm never
bored...we joke around and do stupid shyt. I did something
last night...very interesting..Itwas like a rush kinda. I
wanna tell you what it was I know i said i was gunna be
open but i just can't this is something like i've never
done it was ....different...I guess i enjoyed it. if u
really wanna know leave feedbackand i'll eail or IM you. so
any who..Ya it was oh and then right after i did i I went
on line and MATT MORGAN IMed me i was like WHOA..well the
story wit matt morgan we hooked up..did stuff i did more to
him then he deserved andI didn't get the favor returned.
and then he had the nerve to tell people and he started
talking shyt about me i was like as hole. so he called me
up and was like ya I screwed up b4 imso sorry blah blahblah
can i come over pllleeeaaasssee then he said that i was the
best he ever had ( we didn't have sex tho.). I mean I was
like uhh thanks..I guess how are u suppose to take that? So
God i'll just say it..I uh..hehe I feel like a prude. I
gave him head...any like how are you suppose to
take that? yayI'm happy that I am good at uh giving
head...that makes me sound like i do it like ALL the time
umm no. so any he was like can i come over im
like HELLO its late as fuck and im tired...well it was just
a major blast from the past i was like HUH..why is he IMing
me...So my x-b-f wants to go back out with me...steven..i
just don't want a b/f i love flirting and ya know...the
single life..its more adventerous...i love it...thats why i
always have short relationships..i am a cheater also..not
on every1 but most guys i do cheat on them...if i do like
see them all the time then most likely im cheating on
u...or if i see u too much i'll cheat on u the 1st time i
cheated on some1 real bad ..i felt so bad but after that i
was like WHOA i wanna do that more...I cheated on him when
i was drunk as hell & on xanax. We were in a freezing cold
pool like 4am..its was incredible..hehe..n e way. So what
else is there..oh god like some 35 yr. old was tryin to
get with me at work today and he knew my age i was like umm
okay go find ur wife...hmm..oh lets see...OH i have been
offered weed sooo much lately and i refuse im so
im not using punctuation..oh want a
real good full body massage RIGHT now by a guy that
absolutly beautiful big arms..nice
chest...*sigh*..hehe..well i can't thinkj of much..bye