Pure Belligerence
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2002-01-25 04:36:13 (UTC)

*Aww.... hes gonna make a collect call*

today was..... yep..... another midterm. I called zack
before he had to go into work and we chatted.... he was in
a really good mood... hyper almost.... which isnt a bad
thing, i hate it when hes always calling me after work and
hes tired and irritable. Hmm.... i was telling him about
my crap car somemore, and how it was "fixed" (that is,
until it breaks down again, which pete swears it wont
do...) and this is how our convo went....
Me: Zack, you work way too much!
Zack: Yeah, but at least i get paid a lot
Me: I need money, my piece of shit car broke down last
night, as i was telling you before, and i wanna buy a new
car! Gimme money!
Zack: how much do you need?
Me: Zack!! I could never take money from you!
Zack: I would give it to you
Me: but i wouldnt take it
Zack: but i would give it to you
Me: No!!!
Zack: I'll sneak it in your purse or something
Me: I think i would notice extra money in there
Zack: So? Thats ok.
Me: So... heh... how much would you give me?
Zack: Hmm, if i had, say, $100 id give you 99, and id take
Me:Only one dollar?!? what would you do with that??
Zack: i dunno, make a collect call or something? Thats
only 99 cents, right?
Me:aww, thats sweet.

Heh, i do think its sweet! but of course i could never
take his money! Right now im waiting for him to call...

Today, after i got home, i watched jerry.... gays on parade
is what it was called..... it was the funniest shit. Heh.
Every time i thought about the name.... gays on parade....
it made me crack up.... its so funny. Reminded me of
John.... really nice boy.... hes a great dresser.... very
mannered and polite.... and one day the subject of gay
people came up and me and alicia were saying how we had no
problem with people being gay.... and i asked john about it
and he said.... i dont like it how they prance down the
street and are all gay.... and he said it so seriously and
with such conviction that it was funny. So yeppp..... Me
and alicia both watched that 80's show the other night....
and thought the dynasty shots were a great idea (they were
watching a show named dynasty, and apparently people were
always getting slapped, so every time a slap would happen,
the kids on the show would do a shot....) and i said we
should do dynasty shots... only make them jerry shots and
watch jerry springer and everytime someone swore or maybe
got insulted or the audience started chanting something....
or whatever, we should do a shot. It would be fun! she
thinks so too!

My mother has decided to allow me to stay home by myself on
saturday (finally!) when her and pete go to their friends
new cottage. as long as i pet sit and feed and let out all
the animals. She was like quizing me on each individual
animal and what they get fed, how much, at what time, when
they get their treats and how often..... and i told her....
mom, i know how to feed the damn animals! (not in those
exact words, but you get the point...) so yes, im home
alone... i'll probably force someone to come over and keep
my company (mother most likely wont mind)

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