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2002-01-25 04:31:02 (UTC)

When Henry Ford saved my life...

So my brother jason, always looking out for my best
interest, decides that i must be in a hole of the deepest
depression because I don't want to call out sick from work
so that I can put more miles on my van hauling around his
furniture. Thankfully though, he saved me with this quote:

"When everything seems to be going against you,
remember that the airplane takes off against the wind,
not with it. "
Henry Ford

I can only hope that the next person I refuse to do a favor
for is so insightful to realize that it's because I am at
drowning in a well of self-despair.

In other news, a bandit tire slasher is out in the West lot
of north, which is a little annoying...haha I have been so
dazed lately that it made perfect sense to me to drive to a
gas station on a completely flattened tire to put air in
it...even though there's a hole in it...ahhh i need sleep.
This frantic lady in the car next to me was honking at me
cause sparks were coming from the rim of my wheel...thank
the good Lord for samaritans.

I am also really excited and touched that my creative
writing teacher from last semester hunted me down because
she wants to sponsor a stupid thing i wrote and enter it in
a contest she read about... honestly if more teachers were
as supportive as she is, student output would be amazing.
That writing course helped me to feel more creative and
confident in everything that i do.

i'll have to remember to thank her in my liner notes...

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