The Nine Faces of Dave
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2002-01-25 04:12:25 (UTC)

more like a quarter day for me

A half day of school today resulted in huge amounts of
wasted time. Fun? Sure. Productive? Not very. Do I
care? Not in the slightest.

Anyway, I began the day with a dental appointment. They
said my wisdom teeth would need to be pulled in two to three
years. My dad and I say bullshit to that. I'm still going
to need work on a couple of my teeth, but that can wait for
a while. The decay has stayed away, thanks to ACT fluoride
rinse. That stuff kicks dental ass.

I got to school near the end of second period, and found out
that I'd missed practically nothing. In fact, if it weren't
for the fact that I needed to work in photo, it wouldn't
have been necessary to show up at all. Half days are great
like that; even the teachers are taking it easy.

After school, a friend and I went to the mall, where we ate
lunch in the food court. We then hit Hot Topic and
Electronics Boutique, but couldn't find anything really
worth buying. Then we watched part of "The Fast and the
Furious" on DVD back at his house, and then found some great
deals on computer parts. The upgrade is imminent!

I spent two hours playing Fallout 2, without making a whole
lot of progress. Then I went to CS class, came home, played
ping-pong, ate dinner, and now I'm here typing this thing
out. We've come full circle here.

Today was the second day this week that I've missed first
period, Tuesday being the other. My stomach hurt like hell
Tuesday morning, and again Wednesday morning, but it seems
to have passed now. I actually woke up this morning with no
heartburn, and let me tell you, after five days of acid
reflux, this morning was unbelievable.

All in all, today was pretty good. Not very productive, but
good. I just hope tomorrow will be as nice.