a little piece of me
2002-01-25 03:57:55 (UTC)

bat wings and stuff

i started working on my bat wings today. they are so
huge. they're about 6 feet tall. mwahahaha. i've most
definitely become the 'weird art girl' this semester. i so
love it. practically everyone else in my class is making a
hat for their wearable wire dealy. my wings are monstrous,
and looking like shit right now, but hopefully by the time
i'm done they won't look so bad. the worst part of all
this is that have to wear them in front of the class. that
sucks. i hate getting in front of people. i hope my
harness thing works out and they aren't too heavy. that
would suck to get the wings made nice and neatly, but then
not be able to wear them because they're too heavy. i used
some really thick wire (no clue what guage...about as thick
as a pencil, maybe a tad smaller). for the frame and for
the harness. that shit is hard to bend, so it should be
ok. hope it works.

phew, next subject. brett and i fought yet again today.
things were going so well, and then i started another
fight. why you ask? i don't know! i guess i'm so used to
having people yelling at me and mad at me that i just can't
handle it when things are going good. of course i feel
like shit afterwards, and have to say i'm sorry a million
times. before too much longer, he's just going to quit
talking to me at all. i'm not sure if that's bad or not.
i really don't know anymore! i've never been so
heartbroken yet relieved at the same time about a breakup.
whatever that means. he'll definitely take some getting
over. he was just lovely in bed ;)

ok, well, i guess that's enough for now. auf weidersehen
und guten nacht.