even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
2002-01-25 03:32:20 (UTC)

those were rose colored times

MsKarma: hey
PRS01010: hi
PRS01010: we need to have a talk
MsKarma: you an i?
PRS01010: yes
MsKarma: ok
PRS01010: what this i hear about dealin coke?
MsKarma: oh no
PRS01010: or wantin to
MsKarma: yea... error in judgment
MsKarma: ive had the worst week in my life, joshua
MsKarma: did you hear what happened today?
PRS01010: so i can tell
PRS01010: yea
MsKarma: right...
MsKarma: its liek, what the hell else can go wrong?
PRS01010: and im worried because i know your mom will
make you pay for the car
MsKarma: and io told my boss baout cocaine deal, cause im
a stupid ass
PRS01010: yea, i heard about that too
MsKarma: i odn;t think shes oign to.. cause we have good
insurance, its not ogign to be that much
MsKarma: im a stupidass josh
MsKarma: i fucking wrecked her car.. with my two of my
best friends...
PRS01010: im not tryin to sound like an asshole...but im
not gonna disagree with you
MsKarma: i AM a stupid ass
MsKarma: something has to be wrong with me
PRS01010: i mean, about the cocaine thing, people are
murdered over that shit katy
MsKarma: what telles me its ok to go talk to a BOSS abotu
dealing cocaine?
MsKarma: what maeks me thinkg its ok to THGINK about
dealing copcaine, much less TALK abotu it?!
PRS01010: whats wrong with you is your under ALOT of
stress due to your mom
MsKarma: i have no idea hwats wrong with me
MsKarma: we tlaked abotu it.. we're ok now
MsKarma: my mom and i, we were ok last night
MsKarma: and im scared josh... not abotu whats goign on,
cuase it'll be ok, but like in ,life... im scard
MsKarma: im scared of boys
MsKarma: im scared to make certian decisions, and tell
peopel things
MsKarma: and do things that im uncertain about
MsKarma: im changing joshua
MsKarma: my life, metamorphosis
PRS01010: well, i really dont know exactly what to say
MsKarma: seriouslyu.. thats hwat it is.. im changing, i
need to and this was a kick in the ass that i needed
MsKarma: too bad it had to be so terrible
MsKarma: SO terible
MsKarma: but i think i see it now...
MsKarma: things happen for a reason
MsKarma: and if i get fired form my job, it'll be because
i need to use discresion... cause that was the most stupid
thing EVER
PRS01010: well i kinda changed when i got in
trouble...and that last weekend i got high, i know that i
dont like it anymore and i dont wanna do it anymore
PRS01010: i mean, people change
PRS01010: but it sometimes takes big things to do it
MsKarma: and i think i needed it
PRS01010: and it sucks that its gotta be like that
MsKarma: but.. wrecking my oms 30, 000 dollar car?
MsKarma: ahhh, right?
MsKarma: sucks to be me...
MsKarma: in a way yes, and in a way no
PRS01010: its not your fault though
MsKarma: it was totally my fault
PRS01010: what exactly happened?
MsKarma: i didn;t stop in time... and the brakes slipped
MsKarma: and b/c i didnt; stop in time, i was goign too
fast to stop
MsKarma: and it was wet
MsKarma: and the brakes slipped
MsKarma: and ive been saying, im gonan work on my
stopping in time, right?
MsKarma: but i didn't...
PRS01010: sorry, got kicked off
MsKarma: yea
PRS01010: but did you hit another car?
MsKarma: yep
PRS01010: crap
PRS01010: how bad?
MsKarma: only, the only real damage was to the saab
MsKarma: like, nothing for her, really
MsKarma: and she had a shitt older car anyway
MsKarma: and she was so nice
MsKarma: josh, i was hysterical...
MsKarma: it ws so bad...
MsKarma: and my pants smell like a cigarette...
PRS01010: why?
PRS01010: were yall smokin?
MsKarma: i have a butt in the pocket
MsKarma: and it stinks
PRS01010: im sorry
MsKarma: yea, leat of my troubles
MsKarma: s
PRS01010: well, every body goes through bad times...but
katy...seriously, dont do anything stupid
PRS01010: please
MsKarma: im not ogign to
MsKarma: it hink ive done enough stupid shit
MsKarma: im not really goign to deal cocaine...
PRS01010: i seriously hope so]
MsKarma: i think that i was physically and mentally weak
the day i decided that
MsKarma: something was worng with me
MsKarma: i ahven;t been eating well...
MsKarma: and i tink i was fighitn off teh flue, or soem
MsKarma: and i hadn;t slept well last weekend, and i
smoked and stuff
MsKarma: but i appreciate the concern, thanks josh
PRS01010: no problem
MsKarma: and aum was like... cocaine?
MsKarma: no, katy, no...
MsKarma: and sam was like, katy!?
PRS01010: well thats VERY serious
PRS01010: very very
MsKarma: and kelly was like... katy, youre stupid
MsKarma: and joselin was like.. what?
PRS01010: i kid you not...people are murdered
MsKarma: im stupid josh
PRS01010: and if you deal, you'll try it
PRS01010: know that
MsKarma: no i know...
MsKarma: it would be a terribel life decision
MsKarma: jail, death, mafia, jail, guns, death, cops,
law, jal... killing, hate, scred, guns death.. money,
DEATH.. jail...
MsKarma: thats hwat i think of...
MsKarma: cause im stuipid, and i coudl never do it
MsKarma: and bad things owul dhappen
PRS01010: well thats good that you realize you cant do it
MsKarma: and you knwo, i got too confident that it
woudln;t happen to me, and even last ight, i told myself,
driving volente, don;t get cocky katy.. thats hwen
accidents happen...
MsKarma: and fuck me!
MsKarma: i don;t pay attenetion...
MsKarma: im not gonan be scared anymroe joshua
PRS01010: you were just caught off guard
MsKarma: causelife is too fagile
PRS01010: life is very fragile
MsKarma: i knew this was coming, and it woudl have been
MsKarma: we can;t waste it..
MsKarma: god... there is too m uch to be scared
MsKarma: i hope i can get to it all...
MsKarma: im not ready to die, joshua
PRS01010: no one is
MsKarma: i think when you are,m you know it
MsKarma: but im not ready... i hope god acknowldges
MsKarma: i say god, but.. whatever.. i hoep that I
acknowldge that..
MsKarma: i can;t do stupid shit anymore
MsKarma: i need to watch my arrogance...
MsKarma: and my self assuradness, to make sure its in
PRS01010: katy, its ok to mess up every now and then
MsKarma: and not be scared
MsKarma: i knwo. but this week has been like, one huge
mess up...
PRS01010: well sometimes things are just crazy and we go
through alot of crap...maybe this was just your time
MsKarma: i guess it was...
MsKarma: and you knwo. to top it all off, i got a
MsKarma: for failure to maintain safe following
MsKarma: insult to injury, right?
MsKarma: its liek, of fucking course!
MsKarma: but, i gotta run...
MsKarma: thanks for tlaking joshua...