Deep Down
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2002-01-25 03:00:35 (UTC)

Marry Me

I asked her if she'd marry me. I haven't heard from her in
a long time. I wasn't sure if she still thought about me. I
should have known deep in my heart that she does. I'm blind
sometimes to all around me I suppose. I am in love. The
second time around. I'm glad you can love more than once,
or I'd live a life of depression. So, I asked her to marry
me. She said Yes! She wouldn't like anything more in the
world. My heart leaped from my chest. Young love can work.
I know it can. She has one and a half more years of school
left. I will wait for her for eternity if I have to. She is
my life. My parents were young, now I am young. I don't
care. I know it will work. I will make it work. I am laid-
back and patient enough to wait forever. I will wait. Here.
My mind is constantly consumed with thoughts of you, daily.
All the time. CONSTANTLY. That's why I asked her. I asked
you. I wouldn't ask if I wasn't serious. You should know
that much about me already. I don't lie. Nor ever will. I
am here and here I remain.

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