The life of a hellraiser
2002-01-25 02:56:49 (UTC)

And Now, Sarah Nelson with the Woodstown Report.....

Well, after spending a perfectly good week in school since
I was able to talk to Mario and Andrew when I saw them, my
arch nemisis Leah Kaithern had to return to school after
staying at home for the rest of last week because of
bronchitis. Gawd! Why in the hell couldn't she just stay
sick so I could spend more time with Andrew and Mario. Then
again knowing those two morons, they'll have started
wondering about where Leah was and all of that other shit.
That girl really gets on my nerves!!! Any time she's around
those two fucking guys, they're fucking talking to her
only, acting as if I don't even fucking exist. She's acting as if
Andrew and Mario are her only friends, and she does a damn good job
at showing it too. She has a boyfriend now,so usually she WOULD be
spending most of her time around him. But she doesn't. Leah, I have a
news flash for you, there's an alternative to spending your time with
your friends. It's called spending time with your boyfriend. Try it.
Now that I've put that aside, there have been some good things
happening to me. Brian Conner and I have been doing some small talk
whenever we saw one another. Or we would say hi to one another as we
pass by. Now Nick Speakman has been giving me some attention out of
the blue.