If the Truth be Told...
2002-01-25 02:28:31 (UTC)


I have seen his face. He is, physically, the most
beautiful man I have ever seen. From the halo of long dark
curls on his head, to the soles of his beautiful feet, he
is mine. I feel blessed in his presence. I find my
redemption in his kisses. He loves me with a maddening
urgency, an incredibly palpable lust. He is both Satan and
Saviour to me and I am his concubine and divine vessel. He
is truly
He is all of my tunnels and the light at the end of
them. I love having him share this lifetime with me. He was
present from the beginning of my existence and I will go
into Death's embrace someday gazing at his angelic face. I
love him...completely.

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