Finding our Path
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2002-01-25 02:15:59 (UTC)

More room problems....

I hate stupid people. Today, the RA comes into my dorm
and says that all the room assignments are messed up. She
said we'd have to move into different rooms, with people we
(mostly I) don't like. The problem is that I filled out a
room change request form like the first week I got here
last sememster, and on it, it says if the request is not
approved, than the Housing Office would contact me. Well,
they never did, so I just figured it would be fine. Well, I
guess it isn't. I went up there and talked to them, and now
it seems to be alright, but my request seemed to have
Rules are rules, and I don't mind going through the steps
to make everything legal and such. But when the Housing
Office losses forms, than it makes my life much more
difficult, and I don't need difficulty!!!