Drama Queen
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2002-01-25 02:06:03 (UTC)

All Better :)

Alright, well me and my fiancee had our first problem as
a soon to be married couple last night, you got the
begining of it but there was more, He emailed me and told
me that he doesnt want to hurt me anymore that he knows
that if I looked I would find someone better for me that
was closer to me, and that he was going to let me go... Of
course he was crying and I was crying, and I asked him not
to make any choices without me on this, cause it isnt
going to only effect him but me too. So we made plans for
me to call him today at 3:00 so that we could talk this
all out and i could show to him just how wrong that he
was, that there wasnt another guy out there for me and
NEVER one that is better then him.
So after a night of no sleep and a wet pillows I called
and we talked for about an hour. I told him that never it
wasnt the right thing and we cried and talked and he said
that he wasnt going anywhere, that he was always going to
be here for me and that he loved me, but he never said
that he stoped loving me so that was never the problem.
We all make mistakes and I am no exception to this,
neither is he so I figure that we are intitled to do and
say stupid things as long as we see that they are stupid
things and not the right thing before it affects us badly.
I love him and he loves me and our world is all back
together again, just like it should be!!