i guess this is what u want to read..
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2002-01-25 01:53:01 (UTC)

when your men wanna get buckwild

hey today was thrusday. woke up at like 6:40. which is
good. i went to the bus stop. my bus is always late. im
sick of it. very sick of it. i want a ride to school. if
you can hook me up i will give you $10 a week. haha. for
real. anyway i got to school. pd. a was ok i guess. pd. b
was math and that was kinda ok.. pd. c was stupid.. lunch
was fine. pd. d was gym. ok this was a VERY nice gym class.
ok. well the whole working out part is boing but the guys
are nice. haha. well today we played with this stupid very
big ball. it was the most stupidest thing in the whole
world. yeah. well we played this this crab soccer game..and
wow..if you had a hot guy near you and they went to kick
the big ball..you could see up their shorts! hahahhahahaha.
other than that gym is gay so far. then i went home. i went
on the net for like 20 mins. then got off bc cody wanted to
come up and play fusball. so we played like 8 games i won
most of them bc i am good. haha. then i went back on the
internet looking for incubus pictures to put on my english
folder. YUMMY BRANDON LOOKS GOOD. well when doesnt
he?...that boy is very very very very very hot. not
743837483748374 verys is good enough to say how hot he is.
haha. after drooling over his pics i got a nice long hot
shower ;) hahah (using your sick minds?...well your right!
hahahahah) well then i cleaned my room.. bc i wanted to.
then i came BACK on the net. and thats where i am now. and
now im done. so i love you all! even if i dont?

CRUSH NEWS: well there is a new hottie that goes on my
bus..but hes like a thug so no thanks..other than that...no
one interests me...