DJ MatrixX5
2001-04-19 23:37:47 (UTC)

Thursday, April 19th 2001

Dear Diary,
This was a REALLY weird day. The morning was fine, but
I got paint all over my clothes in art. So i had to change.
And then in English, everyone got the impression that I
liked someone but i didn't and everyone started to annoy
me. It was just horrible. Spanish was sooo boring, we have
a freaken test on Monday and we just got back to school
today. Thanks for telling us two days in advanced Benito!!
ErrgghH!! Then at Track practice the coach made us run A
LOT! And some kids cheated and he told us to run two laps
AROUND the track which is basically a little bit more than
a half of a mile and I had huge cramp in my chest and my
ankle hurt and when I was almost finished with my 1st lap,
i was like, "Coach D! You can kiss my ASS because I am not
going to hurt myself just so I can stay in shape!" But I
didn't say it out loud so he didn't hear me. lol. It was
funny. Tomorrow we're doing hurdles, which is one of my
events so that is cool. And nother else really happened. I
came home a little sweaty so i stripped and got off, which
felt good because i haven't gotten off in a while. Besides
that, life is good! Cya!