This is mine
2002-01-25 01:43:14 (UTC)

i dont like titles

right now i only have one contact in because the doc said
to not wear my left one bc i have an eye infection. and i
dont have my glasses with me, so im havin a hard time.
whats goin on is oh no now i have to play that song. hold
on...ok there we go. ok sunday i went to the lock-in, and
told everyone (sam and kari) i liked ths kid, colin,
although later i figured i dont really like him, i just
like flirting with him. or at least thats what i told them.
im in love with this kid. he is perfect for me...the only
problem is hes got a gf. it doesnt seem like it though, he
never mentions her or hangs out with her. i asked him if
she played basketball and he didnt know. how pathetic. the
only thing is im a total prep and hes a total punk so hes
totally off limits. which sucks big time. ohhhhh man does
it suck like a mother. so i went to the lock-in and
michelyn ignored me the whole time. i think i have a crush
on dan, this kid chellyn likes even tho she is goin out
with ryan, but i am prolly wrong, i prolly just was havin
some hormone problems... oh here is a convo between me and
shawn, one of chellyns friends:oh ps he likes her too

lilwrestlerman44 (8:07:14 PM): hey
me-------------- (8:07:17 PM): hi
lilwrestlerman44 (8:07:48 PM): whats up???
me-------------- (8:08:05 PM): not much
me-------------- (8:08:09 PM): yu?
lilwrestlerman44 (8:09:40 PM): um nuttin much just watchin
ne given sunday
me-------------- (8:10:04 PM): oOoOoOh...thats a football
one, right?
lilwrestlerman44 (8:10:09 PM): reay
lilwrestlerman44 (8:10:15 PM): yeah*
lilwrestlerman44 (8:12:54 PM): its a good movie
me-------------- (8:13:04 PM): kool
lilwrestlerman44 (8:13:23 PM): uhhh huh
me-------------- (8:13:29 PM): i heard its really violent...
lilwrestlerman44 (8:13:34 PM): u should go to the civic
center tomorrow
lilwrestlerman44 (8:13:42 PM): is michelyn?
lilwrestlerman44 (8:13:51 PM): umm not realy well kinda
lilwrestlerman44 (8:14:24 PM): do uk if michelyn is goin
sk8in tomorrow night??
me-------------- (8:14:41 PM): i think its cancelled, the
open skate, unless there isnt a game there, then its 8-10
me-------------- (8:14:44 PM): idk
lilwrestlerman44 (8:15:23 PM): umm i dont think there is
open sk8 i just wanna go if michelyn goes and she usualy
me-------------- (8:15:35 PM): awwww
lilwrestlerman44 (8:16:53 PM): yep
lilwrestlerman44 (8:16:53 PM): haha
lilwrestlerman44 (8:26:12 PM): so how are you?
me-------------- (8:26:25 PM): okay i guess
me-------------- (8:26:26 PM): idk
lilwrestlerman44 (8:26:40 PM): umm ok thats good i guess
me-------------- (8:29:30 PM): theres this kid i like, but he
treats like shit. and ik hes using me and i shouldnt go out
with him but i just cant help myself. he aint even that
hott! i dont know what its is about him, but i just cant
break it off, and i like another kid too but hes really off
limits and so i cant be with either of them, and its
tearing me apart and ik i prolly shouldnt have told you all
that but i needed to tell someone. i mean, i should hate
this kid but for some reason i dont.

Auto response from lilwrestlerman44 (8:29:39 PM): brb
dont get off cuz i would love to talk to ya
when i am back

me-------------- (8:29:58 PM): k
lilwrestlerman44 (8:30:45 PM): what does he use u for??
me-------------- (8:30:59 PM): ummm stuff
lilwrestlerman44 (8:31:10 PM): who are these two kids that
u like???
me-------------- (8:31:16 PM): i cant say
lilwrestlerman44 (8:31:41 PM): umm ok
me-------------- (8:32:14 PM): i wanna get away from him but
i cant force myself to do it
me-------------- (8:32:41 PM): and im not even going out with
him but we have a relationship but it aint a good one
lilwrestlerman44 (8:32:56 PM): well it sounds like u need
to break up wit the kid that u gion out wit and u need to
find someone else who makes u happy not someone who makes u
think about not likeing them
lilwrestlerman44 (8:33:11 PM): well w/e u need to leave him
alone or somthin
lilwrestlerman44 (8:33:34 PM): find someone who makes u
me------------- -(8:34:21 PM): well there is this one boy but
he is really off limits and he has a gf and he and i would
never work out but i have a major crush on him
lilwrestlerman44 (8:34:53 PM): can u tell me who this one
me------------- (8:35:08 PM): no
me------------- -(8:35:19 PM): no one knows and i cant let
anyone know
me------------- -(8:35:28 PM): it would ruin my life and my
lilwrestlerman44 (8:35:40 PM): y not is he goin out wit one
of ur close friends??
me---------------(8:37:10 PM): no, its just he is totally the
opposite of me, and if anyone found out i liked him they'd
be freaked out, hes a total punk and im a total prep, well
on the outside anyway
lilwrestlerman44 (8:37:59 PM): umm i think ik who it is he
is in 7th grade right?
me-------------- (8:38:08 PM): yeah...
me-------------- (8:38:09 PM): who
lilwrestlerman44 (8:38:14 PM): is he tall or short
me------------- (8:38:19 PM): cant say
me------------- (8:38:31 PM): im sry i just cant let anyone
find out!
lilwrestlerman44 (8:38:41 PM): aight
me------------- (8:39:35 PM): i'd tell yu if i could
lilwrestlerman44 (8:39:36 PM): its aight dont worry bout it
if u dont wanna tell then u dont hafta
me------------- (8:39:48 PM): thank yu...yur the sweetest
lilwrestlerman44 (8:40:14 PM): haha thanks