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2001-04-19 23:25:14 (UTC)

more friggen stress

I was having the best day today. I had a good day at work
and I was having fun with my baby cousin, (he's so cute)
and Cathy came home from where ever she was and Maggie and
Kali called and everything was working out really well
until my friggen mother had to mess everything up. I so
hate her. She is so annoying. She tries her friggen
hardest to screw me over as much as possible. It isn't
even possible to avoid her, because she calls and
aggravates me. I just can't handle it. I am on REALLY
think ice with Physics. I have to do really well the rest
of the year in order to graduate. I can't believe that is
happening because I used to do soooo well. I never
expected that I would be dealing with this this year.
Physics has to be my main priority and i am pissed because
physics sucks my asshole. I hope maggie calls soon so we
can friggen leave. OH and get this- my piece of shit
mother sent my brothers to hong kong on tuesday and didn't
even tell me that they were going so that i could see
them. she wouldn't let me see them for like over a month
and now i am not going to be able to see them for a really
really long time. I am so mad. christ, i hope tonight is
fun, whatever ends up happening and i fucking hope to God
something goes on!!1! i really hope kali and i can go up
and see dave. I really like him, which is disgusting and i
should be shot, because of lauren adn everything.

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