dismal life
2002-01-25 01:24:56 (UTC)

allll smileees =)

I am so very happy with MiKeY right now...I hope he doesn't
do anything to fuck it up! We smoked today with Christine,
Shaq, SSSWAYNE, and Moses...I felt like I was having a
fucking party in my house. It's all good...I got fucked up
but what's new?

I'm supposed to go to Garfield this weekend = 0 We are
supposed to E...Oh no I hope I don't do anything stupid...

I saw Vinnie this morning and he couldn't seem to take his
eyes off my chest...Then he was complimenting me on how
beautiful I look...Sometimes I wish I was ugly so I could
be left alone. I hate guys who try to be my friend but
their only intention is to get in my pants...BLAH! I only
want one person...I have no desire to be wth anyone else
and it's scaring me. I really do love MiKeY and he really
loves me back...=) I luvvvvvvvvvvv MiKeY!!!!!!!!

i wanna date you, maybe
i wanna take you out
i wanna wine and dine you
oh, i wanna twist and twist and shout
i want you hot in my arms
so soft on my bed
you get the key to my heart
oh, when you wear that sweet dress
but you're too physical, physical to me...hehehe

We've yet to make love to that song...I should sneak it on
one day...He'll like it....