ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-01-25 01:10:25 (UTC)

FlipPeN loNg StorIes oF my LifE.....

Well today is Thursday, The 24th of January.... I think
i should recap what happened in my week since i havent
written in awhile...
Last week on Friday Chris came over to
my house ( i wasnt expecting him ) and we went and saw this
foreign French movie called Brotherhood of the WolF. U sEE,
we didnt know that it was gonna be in FRENCH. so we had to
read fuckin captions the whole time. But it was cool. Then
later on that night dad took us to Starbucks and i
introduced Chris to caramel frappichinos , or however the
hell u spell it... and he luved em! i never seen anyone
drink one so fast, especially since it was cold outside.

Then on Saturday Paulina called me up and told me
to come over and chill at her house. SO i got ready and
then Chris called so i took him with me and we went to
Paulina's. We smoked A LOT of weed and we all got fucked up
and it was fun. The one thing i really remember the most (i
dunno why) is we were all outside in her backyard and i was
sitting in this chair like half-awake half-normal and
Jacki, Paul's sis, was like "look at the moon.... its
moving... so i looked at the moon and it was like the
prettiest thing i ever saw. Later on i guess Chris was
askin Paulina what my favorite food was and she said
Chinese so he asked me if i would go out to dinner with
him. Of course i was fucked up so i was like 'huh.....' but
that was sooo sweet!!!!! so Chris called his dad and asked
him if he would drop us off at some place but he was
like "No i made food so come eat over here".
I was like 'No!!! im too fucked up to go
to ur house!....' see, awhile ago i went to Chris's
when we were fucked up, and his dad knew it so i was a bit
embarrased to go around him again. But his dad
picked us up anywayz but i made him take me home. it was so
flippen hard for me to act normal on that ride home, but
somehow i managed. Later on that night i kept getting weird
phone calls and Chris told me his dad knew we were high and
he thought it was funny. but i got all embarrased again.

Then on SUndaY, i went to the mall with Kristy and that
was it.

Monday was Martin Luter King's Day so me
and Chris and Paulina decided to go on a little road trip.
(thanks Martin!!) The three of us went over to Ricky's
apartment and chilled with him and Kristy for awhile (Ricky
is Kristy's boy). and he gave us some weed and beer. It was
funny cuz he had this like 10 foot bong and Chris was all
hitten it but me and Krisy and Paulina used the little
wussy pipe instead. We played Grand Theft Auto for awhile
(which is the fuckin funniest game on the planet!!!!) and
then we (me Chrissy and Pauly) went out to eat at The Great
Wall Buffet. IT was SOOOO good!! But the ride there was
scary cuz Paul was driven and she was a bit fucked up.
Then we went to the mall and hung out and we saw Monster's
Inc. I was the only one who wanted to see it though, and
when we got out Paul and Chris were like " that was funny!"
and i was like 'i know'.

On Tuesday, Paulina told me her mom might let her borrow
her car to take to school, so if she did we would ditch all
day. She also talked to her friend Trevel and he said he
just got an ounce of weed and he would smoke us out
tomorrow. But in the mornin her mom said no about the car.
But that night i kept having all these weird dreams about
us driving and i kept waking up at like 4:00, 4:30, 5:00,
5:45 in the morning. Then what tripped me out the most was
Paulina told me that she had woken up at those like exact
times and she had a dream that we took the car and on the
way to Trevel's we got in a wreck and when she looked over
i was passed out and my head was covered in blood. Usually
when Paulina's has feelings or visions like this, they're
real. She told me she had a bad feeling about us driving to
Trevel's, and now im glad we didnt go.

Then on Wednesday, me, Chris and Brian all went over to
Paulina's for awhile and just chilled. When Brian left, we
decided to go to Trevel's house cuz Chris wanted to buy
some weed off of him. SO Paulina went to ask her cousin if
he would let us borrow his car, so me and Chris were just
makin out in her room. Then a couple of minutes later she
busted through the door and was like "come on u guys, we
gotta go NoW." something seemed really wrong but we just
followed her. Now, Trevel lives like way down in
ghetto town, which is like 24th and Grand, which is like 45-
30 minutes away. As soon as we got to 67th and Grand, we
had car problems. Her cousin's car is a piece of shit, and
Paulina accidentally flooded the engine so we were stuck,
right in the middle of this fuckin busy ass street. Paulina
was freakin out, Chris was tryin to stay calm and fix
everything, and i was just laughing at how pathetic they
looked. Finally someone stopped and gave us jumper-cables
and we went back home. Later on that night Paulina
told me that she had had a bad feeling about us going down
there. Of course, something bad did happen (the car) so it
was really weird. Also that night, i almost burned our
house down cuz i turned on the oven to make some pizza, and
there was an empty box in the oven taht caught on fire and
almost burned my house down. Were cursed!!! and its cuz
we smoke too much weed!!!
TODAY, ThurSdaY, was so much fun! Paulina called me
this mornin and was like "My mom gave me her car to take to
school!" but she had to go to 1st hour, so we went to our
classes and Stix is in my 1st hour so i told her waht was
up. of course, i told her to come but not Rafaela (shes in
my 1st hour too) so we met Paulina and Her friend Jennifer
and we ran across the street to Paulina's car, jumped in,
and drove off before Eli or MElissa could see us. it was
tight. we drove to Stix's house and crashed there for
awhile which was soo much fun. i played with Oreo, her
snake, and played her guitar and then i played a little
Spyro on her Playstation while they all played pool. then
we got hungry so we went to Jack in the Box. i was so
hungry and i ate more than i thought i would. Then we went
back to Centennial cuz Jeniffer had to go to her 4th hour
class, so we dropped her off and went to my house and
crashed for awhile. i knew we shouldnt have gone to my
house though. i knew my mom would come home, and sure
enough, she did. She told me i was grounded for ditching
school (luckily she only thinks i ditched 5th hour) but i
made her a card cuz today's her birthday and i think she
already forgot about the whole thing. SO today was a really
cool day, and i hope Paulina's mom lets her borrow her car
again soon so we can ditch some more. :) i sound like a
bad kid.... lol. well later.