can't fight the moonlight...
2002-01-25 00:53:25 (UTC)


ms. greeley is leaving!! shes quitting! i don't know the
whole story, and i sorta feel bad because i know that shes
really upset, but even still... :D!
steph pals is a BITCH. where the FUCK does she get off
telling ms. dinolo that i'm wiccan?? i don't know if i am
or not--i'm not in any technical sense, i suppose. and,
even if i was, that's MY buisness to share, not hers! its
something very close and personal to me, and she has no god
damned right to go telling other people! she told mr. snook
too--look, just because shes a god damned open book,
doesn't mean that my life should be! i was in the car w/
ms. dinolo, goign to BJs to get shit for a basketball game
(our class sells refreshments) and we were talking about
religion etc., and she says "now steph pals told me you
were wiccan." thank god i recovered a tad bit quicker then
last time, and i was like yeah i'm INTERESTED in it, but
i'm not practicing, which is technically true, because i'm
not practicing. personally i'm more into the religion
aspect. but that little ho had NO RIGHT! i mean, she knows
i'm in the closet! (broom closet i mean!) arg, fucking
bitch. WHY haven't i said something to her????? why can't i
bring myself to stand up and and slap her ugly face? okay,
thats being cruel. (the ugly part i mean!!!) damnit i don't
like that girl.

mood music: kittie, brackish

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