Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-01-25 00:49:08 (UTC)

I Know A Lot Of 'The Gays'

Well, things have been happening at lightning speed since I
wrote last; as lightning as ever they do, involving a cast
of a few, and incidents a-plenty, like a good soap opera.

Firstly last night I went out on the bevs, as you do, and
despite my not drinking too heavily, and not doing anything
stupid, I did not arrive home until 4am. I was quite upset
about this because it meant, subsequently that I missed my
Pathology lecture afterwards, which was a tragedy indeed as
I was quite looking forward to it, and really ought to have
gone, but I woke up with the worst mental hangover I can
remember (and was without phone, but in possession of a
fleeve....where are they (from)?

Tonight, by 7ish, I was recovered enough to go out to a gig
(as had been planned) The Cooper Temple Clause, who were
amazing, although I wasn't that keen on what they did, they
did it very well and their shirts were fifteen nicker.
Biffy Clye (Or something similar) who were quite good
although I've seen better and the homo-erotic spectacle the
is Lapsus Linguae. Why?

And then I get invited out to see a friend (art student)
tomorrow night, so I think I shall say yes, and turn up
with not much to say for myself. As I do. Anyway, I need
some (more) kip.

WILT? Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes