Life of a rockstar....NOT!
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2002-01-25 00:19:00 (UTC)

good times good times

Hey all! Well it's almost the weekend! hooray! And ya,
everything is going great! I don't really know what is
going on with me and zack, but its still all good because
ya it just is! And heather, oh man she touched my heart
tonight...this is what her info says

**Yeah, I've just decided, that unless you've hurt me, my
family or my friends, then I LOVE YOU, and I've decided
that I dont HATE anyone (dont hate, it just eats you up
inside) I've also decided that people worry too much
about 'boyfriends' and 'girlfriends'...when all you need to
worry about is your 'bestfriends' and 'friends.'
For all those that arent in high school yet, just thought
I'd let you know that things do change, but you NEVER lose
your friends, they are still there for you. Especially your
BEST friends, mine are still there for me and close to my
heart even though we arent with each other 24/7.
Love Always
Shelby, Danny, Gina, Kelly, Kendon and Jacob, you all mean
a lot to me and I love you like brothers and sisters!!
Thanks for everything!**

Aww so cute, she mentioned me! I love that girl she will be
one of my best friends as long as I live! And ya, that one
saying, about making new friends, but keeping the old is
really a good thing to remember, becuase you're "old"
friends know your past, and they will always be a part of
your life, they have made you who you are today, and
the "new" friends will help to mold you into the person
you'll be for the rest of your life. But both of them will
also hold your future. Friends mean the world to me, they
ARE a HUGE part of my family, and no matter happens, your
best friends will always be there for you to turn to

So on that note, I love you all and Godbless!

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