Product of a Broken Home
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2002-01-25 00:02:36 (UTC)

the end, my only friend, the end...

ah..bad music..

anyway, i don't think i'll be writing here too often
anymore, back to a regular pen and paper it is for me, for
now anyway, i bet i don't follow through with this..

yeah, i just don't feel like sharing at all anymore..i
don't feel like talking to people, i don't feel like being
around, and yeah

at least not any of the ones i know now, so i think i'll
end up dropping contacts and stuff, although i could never
do it completely, because there are people i'm so dependant
on that i couldn't do that...for example, brian, and half
of emitt...oh for those who know ehat i mean, congrats, as
for the rest of you, too bad i guess.

so goodbye diary, i might come back, i might not, i
wouldn't wait around for me...


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