Midight Ramblings
2001-04-19 22:46:07 (UTC)

My First Entry!

Hello. Here's some background info on me. I am 17 (for 2
weeks now..hee hee) I live in Louisville Ky. I have a
boyfriend and we have been going out 5 months now, but
before that we went out a year and broke up for a very
enlightening 5 months. Now we are together and stuck like
glue. Ok. We do have some problems like my stepdad hates
him (for no apparent reason might I add) and he lives in a
different part of the city and neither one of us has a car
right now..but we talk every night on the phone and see
each other on fridays. We are planning to move in together
soon with a couple friends.
Let's see what else..I live with my mom, stepdad, cat, dog,
and tarantula. What a lovely little household. My stepdad
is an over the road truck driver so I don't see him much
(thank goodness). Mostly it's just mom and I.
My current obsessions are, Michael, Tigger, Tarantulas,
WWF, Getting a cargedlicense, Sprite, and Music. Any kind
of music that moves me. I usually don't listen to Gangsta
Rap because I can't understand half of it and what I can
understand seems like all of the other songs.
My friend list is pretty small and reads like this:
Crystal, Timmy, Heather, Holly, Chris, Justin, Michael,
Duck, Tiffany, and Danielle. The sad thing is 3 of those
are my cousins..LOL
Um...I don't know what else to tell you guys. So..I'm out
like I was on sale.