My Stuffff that no one cares about
2002-01-24 22:38:38 (UTC)

I m not single anymore! Wow..

I'm not single anymore! Wow that lasted all of about 5
days. Jamie and I are going out now :) :) :)... 1/24/01...
Ted and I have a bet... I say this will be my longest
relationship... he doesn't think so. My longest
relationship is umm about 3-3 1/2 months. We should
definetly make it... she's a great girl we were best
friends and I love her. She really is great. Ted asked me
to take him to the catillion thingy or however the fuck you
spell it. He'll a pay for the limo... hmmmmm I dunno man I
don't quite swing the gay way. HOLY SHEEP SHIT BATMAN the
gay way... omg that is the funniest song.. damn it got
deleted I gotta download it... ok I'm back... yey I can
listen to the gay way in like 20 seconds. Good Good Good
stuff. My ass hurts omg these chairs suck! fuck you chair!
suck my cockkkkkkkkk i hate uncomfortable chairs. OMG THIS
IS THE BEST SONG! Ga gay y... i wonder what my wife would
say if i went the gay way... this song makes me cry, makes
me crave a man's backside, every time i hear this dumb song
play,i feel like i'm gay. need a guy homo lovin could be a
mistake... ga gay y... men's backsides are a dirty place.
LOL.. i'm singing likea sissy, ralph come and see my butt
cheeks. homo homo homo homo with every passing day. omg
this is great. yea anywayz i'm gonna bounce