love and lovers
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2001-04-19 21:38:14 (UTC)

Where My Girls at???

Hello today is a dead beat day. my friends are all working
and i'm at home my one friend who is a trip she's staying
with me and she's ah right. she's my girl though. she never
back stabs none of my friends do that i guess cause we
matur adults. well i got this insey binsey problema. she
doesn't clean after her selves.i am a clean freak love a
clean house this is my house but she is just dusty. any
ways i miss her stopping by to visit me. she needs a place
to stay and i am here for her but i wish she would clean up
after herself. well people i care about my friends all of
them are equal. but the dirts aint i will have to find a
way to tell her even my kids love to clean how comes she
doesn't see i hate messes.

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