Ode to a psycho!HA!
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2002-01-24 21:02:12 (UTC)


A response to this feedback:

I guess you wouldn't but the life you lived that you hate so
much would be all you accomplished Wouldn't you want to go
out knowing you had a good life?

It wouldn't matter if I went out knowing I had a good life.
People see MY life the way THEY want to see it. I can't stop
that. If I died hating myself and hating my life it wouldn't
matter, because this is how I would be remembered:
An honor student her whole life
Always acted like an adult when in company even when she was
a child
A 'pretty' girl
fun to be with
always laughed at peoples corny jokes
loved art and poetry and classical music
a party girl
a good friend
And all the while I'll have known myself a complete other
way. Whether I die tommorow or in 60 years. I do good in
school because I HAVE to. I always have acted older because I
HAD NO FRIENDS when I was little. I was ALWAYS by myself, or
with the adults! I'M NOT PRETTY. i'm a nerd who sings first
soprano, and likes to doodle. I go to partys to try to be
THAT girl I won't ever be. And I'm a good friend only because
I respect other people and not alot of people do that now a

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