If I Told U, Would U Hate Me
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2002-01-24 20:35:17 (UTC)


Yeah last night i went out with jesus and it was
awesome...we had a great time...he picked me up and we went
to the green tree movie thingy to see snow dogs...he opened
the door for me and he paid and everything..he was so sweet
to me and that right there shows a lot...well the movie got
out at like 8:50 so we went and walked around river falls
for like ten minutes but since everything was closing or
closed already we decided to leave so we came back to my
house and chilled outside just talking...i know my mom was
spying on me but thats okay...she came outside right after
we pulled up and smoked a cigarette like the slowest she
could...then when it was time for him to leave i got out of
the truck walked over and hugged him...i told him i enjoyed
his company and i hope that we could do it again...then
when ig ot to school this morning yeah i admit i told a few
people but i didnt tell that IRP i had people
even teachers asking me how it went and what we did...i was
like DAMN word gets around fast...Then right before lunch
my counselor pulled me into her office and was asking me
all about it too...i was like damn...well also right before
lunch i asked ms. sipes if she would do me a favor and she
did....i had a candy rose like it was a rose my mom made
out of two hershey kisses and it was so pretty...then ms.
hollis my career info teacher printed out this like
thankyou note to him on red paper...gave me an envelope
with a rose on the front...and some heart stickers so i
fold the letter in thirds, used a sticker to close it...put
it inside the nevelope and put one a sticker on the front
just to dress it up a bit more...and then closed the
envelope with another sticker and had ms. sipes put it on
his desk and i guess from what i heard when he got it he
couldn't stop smiling...after that class i saw him and he
said thankyou and gave me a big hug then walked me to my
class and kissed me on my cheek...i told him i would meet
him by his locker after shcool and i was running late after
school so i thought he would have already left but he
didn't so when i got there HE ASKED ME OUT and i well i
just didn't know what to say but i think i said yes iw as
just in was so like sudden ya know like DAMN...
anyways yeah so he kissed me then we walked out and i told
him to call me when he got home because i asked him to go
to guard tonight and he said he'd let me know
hopefully he will go...i also met his friend eric and he's
a short little thing but he's cool...anyways yeah so i gues
si have a man now and i hope that i can stay focused but to
my friends if you even think im not focused let me know
because if i get off track he's gonna have to understand i
gotta do what i gotta do...anyways yeah i gotta go cuz i
think he might be trying to call im not sure...ill let you
know what happens further...oh yeah tomorrow we leave right
after school to go get our furnitureYAY i can't wait..Jesus
is also helping us move on Saturday too when he gets off
work...i cant wait he's such a sweetheart and he's cute
too...gosh i cant even stop smiling...i always get htis big
grin on my face when his name is mentioned or like i see
him...whats wrong with me... anyways yeah luv ya lots
hugs & bugs smoooches
always yours truly,

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