I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-01-24 19:44:59 (UTC)

Beautiful Day!!

Wow. What an awesome day. It hit 80 degrees today. Cool
breeze, lots of sunshine. I'm in a really good mood. I feel
so good about myself. I was flirty and funny and cute in
the grocery store. It's rare that I feel this good about
myself. I'm so happy! It's about time!! School is great,
family is great, home is great, friends are great (Hope
took me to Cirque du Solei for my birthday. How cool was
that??? I highly recommend it, you'll love it, I promise!).
All I need now is a job. Some income. Please, just hire
me!! Grrr...still frustrated about that, but nothing will
bother me today. I got an A- on my Humanities test. Woohoo!
Other than that, (waving to Kelly! hi to you!! I miss you
on the cape!!) I have no news. I'm going to enjoy my day
some more.