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2002-01-24 18:24:30 (UTC)

New Attitude

I have been bad about writing in this journal lately, and I
really need to get past that...

No writing is the result of the funk that has me not doing
anything. I've been in a funk. I have blamed it on several
things, but regardless of what started my funk, I am giving
it fuel. By rolling around in misery and complaining
constantly about everything I am making it worse and am not
taking steps to feeling better. SO. I have made up my mind
to change my attitude. I am not going to let anyone else's
bad mood affect me. If I am up & start talking to someone
who is down, I am going to say "Sorry you are feeling that
way and hope you feel better." and then let them go. I can
at least recognize that if I take responsibility for my
mood and my actions, i have to let them do the same. If I
talk with them and try to make their mood better, it
usually doesn't work and then it brings me down too.

Things are not so serious. I can never seem to get on top
of my money situation, but I have a home, my bills are paid
(eventually :) ) I have a working automobile and I have
enough to eat. I get some extras (though I should cut down
on them, then maybe I could get ahead.)

The catalyst for all this is that a girl who works at my
location walked out into traffic a couple of days ago. That
puts things into perspective pretty damn quickly. NOTHING
is so serious that I am going to try to hurt/kill myself.
Nothing is so bad that I cannot find help for it somewhere.

I started off the year with some really good ideas about
improving myself. I am going to refocus on those. I can do
them slowly and feel good about my accomplishments as I
achieve them.

I don't have to hurt myself by drowning in self pity about
things I can change.

Goal #1 is still in effect though. I haven't smoked in more
that 3 weeks!

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